Your Website Needs Some Love

 In Insights, Tips and Tricks

If you’re like most people, you’ve spent a good deal of January focusing on planning and strategizing for 2018. Hopefully by now you’re hitting your 2018 stride and business is going well – now it’s time to direct some attention to your website. Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out where to start.

First things first.

Check all the contact information on your website:

  • Is your contact information still accurate?
  • Are there employees featured on the website that have since left the company?
  • Does your footer copyright read 2018?
  • Is your contact form or any other lead generation tool still functioning and sending notifications to the correct recipients?

Take a look, send a test through your contact form, and make any necessary corrections or updates.

Let’s move on to content.

  • Review each page on your website, with your target audiences in mind. Is the key thought or idea being communicated effectively on each page? Have you put together a rough outline or plan for blog post content for 2018? To organize your content strategy, try structuring your goals around quarterly or monthly milestones.
  • Do you have a goal of certain number of posts per month? Are you going to target content around particular holidays or awareness days?

Try to review each page on your website as if you’ve never seen it before, and note how you can revise it to focus on the key takeaway you want your visitors to have.

Let’s get a little more technical.

  • Broken links that yield 404 errors are not only annoying to your web visitors, they can diminish your website’s ranking in search. Check your site for broken links using the W3C Link Checker tool.  Make sure any broken links are fixed or redirected.
  • Check your overall website performance – is your site loading quickly? Use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and Pingdom’s Speed Test tool to check your website speed and get recommendations for improvements.
  • Does your website look great on your mobile phone? You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to check for potential issues for mobile and desktop users.
  • Do you have old or outdated plugins or scripts that could be at risk for a security breach? If you aren’t sure, review the last time you had maintenance or updates done to your website – if it was more than six months ago, you should have the site checked by an expert.
  • Scan your site for any malware or potential security issues with Sucuri Sitecheck, a free external security and malware scanner
  • Have an expert to check your site. At least once a year, we recommend having an expert perform a full audit of your website to identify existing or potential maintenance, usability, performance and security issues.

With a little time and energy up front, your website will be ready to rock the rest of 2018.