It’s Time for your Annual Checkup!

 In Tips and Tricks

It’s important every year to take 15 minutes or so and give your business a checkup to ensure all systems are accurate and functioning properly. Some minor details, like updating the date in your footer and some major things, like verifying that your website contact form data is actually being routed to the right person!

Here are a few items to check out:

  • Does your website have a contact form? If so, pretend you’re a customer and fill it out! Was it user-friendly and easy to fill out? Did it ask too many questions or not the right kinds of questions? Now hit submit and make sure that the form and the data is being received by you or whomever should be getting notified. Don’t lose leads from your contact form.
  • Check the copyright date in the footer of your website. Is it current? Do you have a copyright date at all? Take a minute to verify.
  • Search for your company on the web. Is the address and information accurate? Does Google have your proper business address, phone, website, etc.? Are you getting any customer reviews? If you’d like to see more 5-star ratings, make that a goal for February and encourage your customers to “show their love” for you or your business by leaving a review.
  • Does your email signature reflect your current title and correct contact info? Did you change your cell phone number but not your email signature? Do the links still work? Should you add a link to your social media accounts too? Take five minutes and spruce up that signature!
  • Are there mailing lists that you’ve been meaning to unsubscribe from? Don’t put it off any longer! Getting annoyed at those daily sale emails from your not-so-favorite store? Why wait, unsubscribe today.
  • Revisit your marketing plan. Are your current methods and channels working or are you simply doing what you’ve always done? This may take a little longer depending on your business and your goals, but definitely take a little time and consider changing up your technique this year. At the very least, gather some information on some other marketing channels to consider employing in 2016.

Get through this short list and give yourself a pat on the back and get ready to rock 2016!