Got Game? Why Game-Based Technology is Gaining Speed

Gamification is the concept of taking game-like experiences and applying them in non-game settings to educate, entertain, create interaction and add value. For years, game designers have employed multiple techniques to engage users. The thrill of positive feedback, rewards for progress, and a community of users are all game techniques that are popping up in business, healthcare and education.

Social Media Mishaps

Social media marketing can be a highly effective way to reach potential customers. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, you can develop an online persona for your business, communicate directly with customers, create more brand awareness and increase market reach and sales. However it is easy to make mistakes on social […]

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

Marketing objectives for non-profits are often multi-faceted and complex. Fundraising, volunteer recruitment, and awareness are just a few of the big picture goals nonprofits must manage. Because of the diverse needs of nonprofits, social media is an essential marketing tool that can effectively market their initiatives both general and specific. In our experience collaborating with […]

Make the Most of Your Magento Go Migration

Thousands of online business received shocking news recently. Magento Go, the platform that many online stores use to sell their products, provide customer support, and conduct their business online, announced they would be shutting down their platform. Without even a years notice, thousands of online retailers are now facing the challenge of migrating their stores […]

Sizing Up the Competition

Not knowing your competition is like doing business blindfolded. Knowing your competitors, and knowing them well, is an essential part of growing your business. The first step in understanding your competitors is to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and consider where you stand among your competition from your customer’s perspective. To start, take an objective […]

Get it Done

In the competitive, fast-paced world we live in, efficiency is a necessity. Using the right project management tool will make you and your business more effective while easing some of the stress of juggling multiple tasks at once. We’ve tried many project management tools in our office in the endless quest for the perfect tool […]

Crafting a Memorable Tagline

A good tagline is a powerful marketing tool. Defining your company in a few effective words that sums up what you do for your customers is no easy task, but a well crafted tagline will be a valuable asset to your business. Think of some popular brands and their taglines; BMW – the ultimate driving machine, […]

Cost-effective Marketing

Though many small businesses focus on social media, email marketing is still one of the best ways build a following around your brand and engage customers and prospects. While social media is broad in its scope, email allows small businesses to communicate with a smaller but more interested group of people. Here are a few […]

The name of the game is networking

Networking makes some people anxious. Though networking can seem self-serving or forceful, it’s actually the opposite. Getting and staying in touch with people is friendly and mutually beneficial. People really do like to help other people when they are asked to, and people truly enjoy returning a favor. The larger your network, the more qualified […]

Graphic Design in Saratoga Springs

Tone Creative is a graphic design and web design firm located in Saratoga Springs NY that specializes in logo design, web design and graphic design. We believe a more thoughtful approach to marketing yields the best results. Our Saratoga graphic design solutions are crafted with careful consideration of your goals, who you are trying to […]

Crafting an Elevator Pitch

The elevator speech or USP (unique selling proposition) is essential to letting people know exactly what you do and the value of your product or service. Your elevator speech should evolve as your business grows and can be custom tailored to whomever you’re speaking with. Your elevator speech can do more than communicate what you […]

How to Market Food Products

Artisanal food is everywhere. It seems that the variety and number of pickles and jams you can find today is endless. While shopping at Fresh Market recently I was overwhelmed by the quantity of different artisanal sodas, candies and snacks and wondered if there was anything that hadn’t been done yet. Even if you have […]

Don’t Just Sit There

New studies exposing the dangers of sitting have led me to question the effect of my career on my health, as well as the health of everybody at a desk. According to The New York Times article “Is Sitting Lethal?” author James Vlahos says, “over a lifetime, the unhealthful effects of sitting add up.” In spite of […]

Definition of Green Marketing

These days it seems that more products and services tout environmentally friendly aspects. The words recyclable, reusable, fair trade and varying shades of the color green hint at environmentally friendly and socially responsible claims. Do these claims matter to the consumer? What makes green marketing successful? In the 1970s green marketing began to target the ethical […]

Spirit Label Design

Tone Creative is a graphic design and web design firm located in one of the best areas of New York’s capital region, Saratoga Springs. We specialize in spirit label design as well as design for liquor labels and wine and beverage labels. We believe a more thoughtful approach to marketing and design yields the best results. […]

Change is hard

As creatures of habit, new ways of doing things are difficult. On a personal level, changing a habit or improving a process requires focus, readiness and a strong desire to move forward. Now think about change on an organizational level where ten, a hundred or a thousand people have to change together. We all want […]

Get Found on Google

One of the most common questions that small business owners have is “How can I improve my search results in Google?” There are a few simple ways to use Google’s tools to increase your visibility in search results and increase traffic to your website and business. Google Plus Local If you have a physical location for […]

Blog Better This Year

I love the first week in January; the holidays are over and I finally get a chance to catch my breath, step back and consider the big picture. I’m looking forward to another year contributing to the TU blogging community, and this week I’m in the process of planning how I’m going to make this […]

Spice Up Your Website

The new year is approaching and that means change is in order. Here are five ways to bring some life to your website to attract people to your brand, service or product. The driving idea behind all these tips is to stay true to yourself and your customers, and have fun with what you’re doing. […]

Finding Your Inner Font

Fonts have personalities. It’s not surprising when you realize that the letter forms are actually inspired by the human form. Think of the letter A and T, or the last time you reluctantly did the YMCA at a party. Discovering which font speaks to you is a fun process, and you can finally say goodbye […]

News from Green Businesses

The Capital Region is quickly becoming a new hub for green and innovative businesses. Here are few businesses that are filling local demand for more sustainable choices. Mackbrook Farm Kevin Jablonski and Karen Christensen raise grass-fed beef on 300-acres in Argyle, New York. Their Aberdeen Angus cattle are Animal Welfare Approved, rasised without antibiotics or […]

Marketing Ideas for Small Food Producers

Representing your product successfully is the first challenge, and it’s important to think beyond the product itself. Whether you’re selling a chocolate bar or pastured chickens, a potential customer’s purchase will depend on whether the product is differentiated in a way that creates value. If the chocolate is hand-made, the packaging should express this to your customers without your having to tell them.

Tone Creative Helps Non-Profits with “Websites for Good” Campaign

Creative marketing agency Tone Creative announces Websites For Good, a new campaign to help non-profit organizations expand their presence online and in their communities. The new program will provide free website design and development as well as brand strategy to three non-profits and community organizations in 2012. Any non-profit or community organization can apply for […]

Anatomy of a Beer Label

Walking into a well-stocked beverage shop is an exciting endeavor for anyone, but for us the myriad of well-designed labels and packaging heightens the experience. Beer is the drink of camaraderie and the label should illustrate the spirit of the brew inside and what if offers to the drinker. There are several ways in which […]

Celebrating Clean Water

Last year we had the privilege of helping Shining Hope for Communities raise money for their annual campaign. Just two months after Newman’s Own Foundation matched up to $100,000 in donations, they announced The Clean Water Project. SHOFCO constructed a new water tower and a pilot project that will provide water to between 1,000 and 2,000 […]

Reviving Regional Farm and Food Project

The Regional Farm & Food Project is a member supported, farmer focused non-profit serving the greater Hudson-Mohawk Valley of New York State. They do a wonderful job connecting community members to local food and farmers, as well as energizing their members to support their local food system. After the devastating effect of Hurricane Irene last […]

Shining Hope for Communities

  We’re privileged to work with Shining Hope for Communities, a non-profit devoted to bringing education, healthcare and clean drinking water to Kibera, Kenya. SHOFCO has made a huge impact on the lives of people in one of Kenya’s most densely populated slums. By providing essential education, health care, and community services, Shining Hope creates […]

New Website Offers Information About Obesity and Food Addiction Treatment

The Tone Creative team recently finished working on, a new website that offers information about obesity and food addiction treatment. We created the site for Dr. Jeanette Thornton, an Albany-based, board-certified Psychiatrist specializing in addiction treatment. Dr. Thornton has pioneered a new multi-faceted approach to food addiction treatment that focuses on helping patients understand […]

Tone Creative in the Times Union

Tone Creative and Slow Food Saratoga get a shout out from the Times Union’s Table Hopping blog. Senior editor Steve Barnes says: Slow Food Saratoga Region, the area chapter of the international movement dedicated to local, seasonal, sustainable and biodiverse food, has boosted its online presence with a more comprehensive website that includes events, programs and initiatives […]

Get There. Get Healthy. Saratoga Health and Wellness Gets a Fresh Website

Saratoga Health and Wellness, a personal training and fitness center in Saratoga Springs, needed to revamp their website to attract new clients and showcase their unique, one-on-one approach to fitness. Their previous web presence, a simple blog, was not representing their business accurately. With hundreds of positive testimonials, the gym wanted to show just how […]

Tips for a Stellar Logo Design

Creating a logo for your business is an exciting endeavor. It’s fun, creative and allows you to express the personality of your brand, business or product. Because your logo is something that you want to be relevant as your business grows and expands, some consideration should go into planning the logo before the design phase. […]

Own Your Tone

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We all have considered this before various situations: meeting a person for the first time, job interviews, or client meetings. Though this is true with face to face introductions, the internet provides us with infinite opportunities for first impressions. So how do you consistently make a good impression?